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Designing For Net Zero - What is it?


“Alongside the extraordinary pain, trauma and hardship, it has brought an increased awareness of the way things are interconnected, how human development over the past centuries has impacted the environment and how the changes affect us all.

“The pandemic has brought a renewed focus on the environment, with many countries, organisations and businesses committing to net zero targets”

Indeed, the pandemic has shown that we can dramatically reduce our CO2 output through coordinated and collective effort. Through a systems thinking approach, the Design Council believes that design has the potential to create real change by moving towards net zero. However, clarity around the terms and processes are still lacking.

“Most of our clients actually aren’t familiar with the term ‘net-zero energy,’ so it’s something we have to talk to them about,” says Vikram Sami, Director of Building Performance for Olson Kundig Architects in conversation with Architectural Digest.

So the Design Council has set out some definitions to help clear a few things up.

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