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Local Peoples Melbourne Design Studio

Our process, approach & expertise


How we do it

We believe in the power of human-centered design to shape healthy, resilient and resourceful communities.

Our Approach

  • Design Sprints

    We believe in the power of prototyping so we run intensive Google Sprints to align teams, make thoughts tangible and turn the complex to the concrete. We get ideas into the hands of our audience early, helping to guide our learnings and shaping positive outcomes.

  • Multidisciplinary Teams

    We resource our teams on a bespoke basis, to fit the project scope and skill-sets required.

  • Sustainable Collaboration

    The best outcomes are born of the best collaborations. We do our best work closely collaborating with clients and partners, leveraging existing knowledge and capability. Our flexible model allows us to tailor projects to a sustainable cadence – providing velocity when needed, and space when required.

  • End-to-end Oversight

    Great strategy and great ideas needs great execution. Our network of development and delivery partners means that the strategic vision and design quality goes to market with the care it deserves.

Our Process

We believe in a designing from end-to-end, developing solutions based on rich insights gleaned through in-depth research and strategic thinking. We strive to combine the richness of a design-thinking process with a flexible delivery model, ensuring that the design intent can be maintained throughout.

  • 1.


    In the Discover phase, we aim to frame the problem by gaining a full understanding of the questions, scope, and overall context for the product or service.

    Typical Outputs

    • — Problem space exploration
    • — User research
    • — Stakeholder engagement
    • — Feasibility and viability deep dives
  • 2.


    In the Define phase, we work to synthesise our research and produce high level concepts. It’s here that we prioritise which concepts to take forward into the design phase for further development.

    Typical Outputs

    • — Research Reports
    • — Opportunity Areas
    • — High Level Concepts
    • — High Level Strategy + Design Principles
  • 3.


    In the Design phase, we begin to bring the idea to life through prototyping – from low to high resolution. We evaluate, and refine the experience, creating tangible solutions that bring the design concepts and brand positioning together, with consideration for the technical approach and business proposition. We build compelling story around the design that moves people— and the business—into action.

    Typical Outputs

    Iterative and participatory design through:

    • — Brand + Content
    • — Space + Environment
    • — People + Community
    • — Technology
  • 4.


    In the Deliver phase, we take validated concepts and progress them into detailed design and delivery to market, crafting the outcome to ensure the experience lives up to the idea.

    Typical Outputs

    • — Strategy: Brand, Content, Campaign, Place, Digital, Experience
    • — Brand Identity
    • — Visual Design
    • — Website and Digital Design
    • — Film and Motion Design
    • — Copywriting and publishing
    • — Exhibitions + Interiors
    • — Brand Experience + Events
    • — Social and community management
    • — Press and PR management

Our Expertise

We are a core team driven by a powerful network of Melbourne’s best designers, strategists, subject matter experts and researchers.

Having both benefited from extendend work experience in Europe working for top-tier practitioners including Nike and IDEO, our directors are able to bring a world-class design perspective to clients in Australia and beyond.

Giuseppe Demaio

Creative Director

Giuseppe (Pino) Demaio is a designer and creative business leader with 12 years experience in Europe and Australia. He is interested in using design to deliver high-impact and high value solutions to add economic, social and environmental value to organisations and brands.

Lauren Eymes

People and Culture Lead

At the core of Lauren’s approach is a deep understanding of both individual and organisational values and priorities. Lauren possesses an extensive network across Canberra and a deep understanding of the local landscape across Federal Government departments. This enables her to find perfect matches for new opportunities, creating a synergy between talent and organisations.

Maddi Abel-Trick

Community Engagement Leader

Sushumna JC

UX Designer

Jarrod Dibden

UX Designer

Olivia Lapsley-Scott

Design Researcher

Vernice Papica

Digital Marketer

Rizwan Zakir

Senior UX Designer

David Heacock

Advisory board member

Ilario Faenza

Advisory board member