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Our Innovation Experience

Innovation through design sprints

Design sprints help teams to

  • Align on decisions  

    Design Sprints are structured so teams can quickly reach a consensus, focusing their efforts to achieve well-defined goals. As opposed to brainstorms, team members work individually to develop their own concepts, before those concepts are voted on, ensuring the best idea wins versus the loudest voice.

  • Accelerate innovation

    Instead of spending months designing a minimum viable product,  Design Sprints help to create a prototype to test with real customers and gain valuable insights in just 4 days. The design sprint challenges teams to solve old problems in new ways, shifting  mindsets and driving long-term innovation potential.

  • De-risk concept development

    Many organisations have spent countless hours and resources investing in a product or service that failed when it went to market, simply because the solution was based on false assumptions. Design Sprints allow organisations to test ideas quickly in a low-risk environment with real customers to help validate or invalidate those early assumptions.

  • Know the next steps

    Following a Design Sprint, teams will have answers to critical questions based on real customer feedback, a prototype that can be used to inform the development of their product or service and a clear plan for what should happen next.

Our Innovation Research