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Greyhound Adoption Program Australia

Creating a strategy and national master brand to unite adoption programs across Australia.


Ex-racing greyhounds need homes and loving families, and there have been a number of organisations around Australia working tirelessly to make this happen. But with no united voice, communication and unifying strategy, the message was not effectively reaching the national audience.

We were tasked with helping to bring awareness and drive traffic to a number of organisations across key states by unifying them through a single master brand. This involved a period of deep research and consultation with each organisation and members of the public who had already adopted an ex-racing greyhound.

The result is (GAPA).


Local Peoples engaged in extensive research including interviews with existing adoption organisations and potential adopters to ensure we deeply understood what the master brand and website functionality needed to deliver for the audience.


From our research we found that the quality of training, professionalism, transparency of the organisations and education about the breed were key opportunities to highlight, helping loving families to connect with retired dogs more easily.


A national brand and central online hub to first of all inform the audience in a clear and approachable way, and second to direct enquiries through to their relevant state’s adoption program.